Sunday, 2010-10-10 11:23 MDT


Any true hacker knows that GUIs are just another way to have lots of terminals readily available.

If you do a lot of command line work, you probably have a lot of terminals open on your display at any one time. Terminator is a Gnome application that lets you run multiple terminals in one window. I've just started using it, and find it very useful already.

Using a grid layout means you can see multiple terminals simultaneously, unlike Gnome's terminal with tabs.

Other than the fact that it will eat some keystrokes, the ones it uses for run-time configuration and operation, it appears to be quite transparent. I can fire up Terminator, ssh into another machine, and then run screen. Or I can run Emacs as an X client. An excellent product.

It is very flexible. You can launch it with some command line options or set up a configuration file with one or more profiles. Here's my first go at a config file.

# This is a comment. Time-stamp: <2010-10-10 10:28:56 ccurley config>
  focus = system
  window_state = maximise
  borderless = true
  close_button_on_tab = false

    audible_bell = true
    visible_bell = true
    background_type = transparent
    background_darkness = .7

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