Linux Complete Backup and Recovery HOWTO

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Complete backup and recovery, A.K.A. bare metal restoration, is the art of restoring a system from the ground up. I have an article on the subject at 79 Linux Journal 104.

This page is the home page of the Linux HOWTO based on that article.

You can get it at the usual Linux Documentation Project (LDP) sources. Or you can read it from this server.

In addition, if you want a local copy, you can have it in these formats. All are compressed with bzip2.

If you have problems grabbing the files below, you can edit your mime types. They are mime type application/x-bzip2, with extension bz2.

The current version is 2.11.

SHA256 sums:

d491706f8a9974041d3472dcd6549bc285e500050125501de49a600153de8d03  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.chunky.html.tar.bz2
fe26ff994ab6ca1c72856e0e5f3d0b57e02936f88d0c96d7aa2aab1ff5d34a78  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.pdf.bz2
7775b02300d7f24e6f456f7d9f77ba39ad46245b4dc249ee727b138402a3e644  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.smooth.html.tar.bz2
de8f0a8730830723f00a95321893b69807521f3acb0ca1149d43e4e689f5ee03  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.tar.bz2
3c7b7fcab3b9cfdb519f12ed30eebdd35632a2dacce469b9b52a3f3238eba290  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.txt.bz2

SHA1 sums:

c3d8e33d7284016d2d1c20a1b3def6d832c06bd1  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.chunky.html.tar.bz2
8a4e929def65bc4cd42b0823e9cbbf4abedb6d69  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.pdf.bz2
24a79d85bfc84fd34053e735ca87902981512635  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.smooth.html.tar.bz2
ecaecc7ecf32c2f5d5ced76a7f2727d4c1f1b605  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.tar.bz2
72d0e6a6ed47c99409d3b605fe2b647518c99fd9  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.11.txt.bz2

To ensure that you got a good download, validate the files against the checksums above. The easiest way to do this is to pull in the sha1sum or md5sum files (or both), and run the appropriate program against it:

sha1sum -c sha1sums


sha256sum -c sha256sums

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