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Bare Metal Recovery

Complete backup and recovery, A.K.A. bare metal restoration, is the art of restoring a system from the ground up. I have an article on the subject at 79 Linux Journal 104.

This page is the home page of the Linux HOWTO based on that article.

You can get it at the usual LDP sources. Or you can read it from this server.

In addition, if you want a local copy, you can have it in these formats. All are compressed with bzip2.

If you have problems grabbing the files below, you can edit your mime types. They are mime type application/x-bzip2, with extension bz2. In Netscape and Firefox 2 you can hold down a shift key while you click on the link.

The current version is 2.8.

MD5 sums:

90b3fbc7cb378cec9398afdd4f00151f  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.chunky.html.tar.bz2
c6ab90553c54a4cc0912b5e78a4a38dc  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.pdf.bz2
e28df9bb4475e2309abccf904a2668ec  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.ps.bz2
48f021cef6a5009d2732bcc09ffcbf99  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.smooth.html.tar.bz2
673d26f0052f16753d4f4f15655654fb  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.tar.bz2
0ad2513535bbce456b41e280e0985e63  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.txt.bz2
04eec6d9dda7f3e3af5a45d0ac75684e  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO.spec

SHA1 sums:

37ebb9838e00bbe2459a5bd8640cd5919fe0dd9f  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.chunky.html.tar.bz2
1c29f199f9e25303f9565399ca5ac7671c4a4155  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.pdf.bz2
149e1fc0d4db2c98fdbbee1c5178e2e7d27901a9  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.ps.bz2
550160e3a7796499d5871d4ca0ada6f9762cdc6b  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.smooth.html.tar.bz2
3f7650aaf853103d0aa07dc0714219563f786e89  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.tar.bz2
e1d59c6a13f587ff2bd2a12719543f35f701390f  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO-2.8.txt.bz2
804cce781ccbd56d22fc06190eeb2b671ddd4b65  Linux-Complete-Backup-and-Recovery-HOWTO.spec

To ensure that you got a good download, validate the files against the checksums above. The easiest way to do this is to pull in the sha1sum or md5sum files (or both), and run the appropriate program against it:

sha1sum -c sha1sums


md5sum -c md5sums

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